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Duct Cleanings

Before And After Photos - Duct Cleaning

Reasons to Clean Duct Work

Your duct work should be cleaned if there is visible mold growth, an infestation of vermin, or if dust and debris are being released throughout your house from your supply registers. Also, cleaning duct work can improve the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system.

Benefits of a Duct Cleaning

  • Health
    Dust, mildew, mold and other allergens can build up in a home's duct work. Though a cleaning may not eliminate every single spore of the pollutants, it will drastically reduce their presence and improve the conditions inside the duct, hopefully leading to cleaner air being discharged.
  • Cleaning
    Dust is present in your ducts and will travel with the air as it enters your living space. A duct cleaning will eliminate this dust, making the general cleaning and maintenance of your home easier.
  • Equipment Life
    Excessive buildup in your ducts will make your heating and cooling system work harder to achieve the same results. Any time a machine is forced to work above a normal capacity, it runs the risk of breaking down.
  • Energy Savings
    Buildup of dust and dirt in your ducts forces your equipment to run longer to heat or cool your home. The longer your equipment runs the more energy it will use.
  • Money
    Your equipment will operate less efficiently if it is dirty. A duct cleaning will help equipment to operate as efficiently as possible, and it will cost less money to operate on a daily basis.


Duct cleaning typically costs between $350 and $1,000 depending on the size of your air duct system, as well as many other factors.

FREE Duct Inspection

Kinovate Heating, Cooling and Indoor Air Quality offers a FREE Duct Inspection with no risk or obligation. We use a specialized scope camera that allows you and our tech to see inside the ductwork during the inspection to determine the need of a duct cleaning. The price you are quoted is the price you pay. No hidden costs or fees! Also, once a duct cleaning is completed, we use the scope camera to show you that the job was done correctly.

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For more information on duct cleanings or to schedule a FREE Duct Inspection, contact a Kinovate Heating, Cooling and Indoor Air Quality Specialist!